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14 July

Study Reveals Unsung Hero of Women's Beauty Routine


Interested by the relationship women have with their beauty items, Dove fielded a national survey to reveal which of their morning beauty routine staples they focus on and how they impact their confidence. Over 7 in 10 women agreed that a "beauty product" is any product that makes a woman feel more positive.

The results revealed it's not mascara, eyeliner or other cosmetics that are most important in making women feel most positive all day. As a matter of fact, out of the products women use in their morning beauty regimen, respondents ranked antiperspirant above the rest twice that of toothpaste *, 4 times that of foundation, nearly six times that of mascara and 10 times that of eye liner.

Antiperspirant was not only the product that made women feel the most positive, but it was also an action in their morning beauty regular they 'd never ever want to avoid. In fact, they said placing on deodorant prior to leaving the house is nearly:

5 times more important than washing their hair

8 times more important than putting on mascara, 13 times more important than using lipstick or lip gloss The information also uncovered intriguing truths about the impact underarms can have on how women feel and act on any offered day. When women have forgotten to use antiperspirant it was exposed that:

87 percent feel uneasy
67 percent distance themselves from others
49 percent have actually returned the home of put it on
While odor and moisture defense occur when thinking of taking care of underarms, nearly 2 in 3 women say they have experienced another type of problem, whether it be inflammation, unequal complexion, dry skin or red marks.

" The underarm area is vulnerable to a vast array of skin concerns such as dry skin and dark marks that a lot of my clients have actually experienced," stated Dr. Alicia Barba, Dove skin specialist. "When looking for an anti-perspirant, I suggest upgrading to Dove Advanced Care because it provides more than just protection and offers hydrating skin care benefits to help avoid and ease these issues."

The survey revealed 88 percent of women concur they would choose a deodorant that also supplies skin care benefits in addition to smell and dampness security. Yet, they often stick with exactly what they understand and just 34 percent have changed their antiperspirant in the last year.

" So numerous women are stunned to discover how essential anti-perspirant is in their beauty regimen," stated Matthew McCarthy, senior director of deodorants/anti-perspirants at Unilever. "A great deal of women just accept smell and wetness security as the essential practical advantage of the items offered today. But Dove is different. In addition to 48-hour odor and wetness defense, our NutriumMoisture formula includes advantages that attend to a broad selection of skin care requirements."

With sleeveless season on the horizon, now is the time to make the #EssentialUpgrade to Dove Advanced Care Anti-perspirant for 48-hour smell and dampness security plus the skin care benefits of Dove with NutriumMoisture 9 in 10 women concurred it made their underarms soft and smooth. Offered in 15 special fragrances, the full line of products can be acquired at mass, food and drug merchants across the country for SRP $4.99 (2.6 oz.).

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